Welcome to Thank You Farm

Thank You Farm is a nice small piece of land that gives me the opportunity to fulfill some of my dreams that I had as a younger woman.  My mother asked me just the other day.  Did you think your life would be like this?  My answer was NO!

I had never thought about having children, yet I was blessed with two during my 1st marriage.  I never thought about getting married, but I was blessed with three marriages; four, if you count the one I married twice.

As a child, I was blessed with being an army brat, living from Michigan to Florida, California, Germany, and New Orleans.  Of all the places I have lived, Michigan has always been “home”.  I have also been blessed with many different jobs, and now, on this lovely piece of land, I am blessed to be in the country, yet only fifteen minutes from Chinese take-out and the mall.

What more could one ask for? I now have the opportunity to fulfill a younger woman’s dreams, of making a living from the land.  My plans for the coming year is to have a small goat dairy, making cheese…wish me luck.

So my answer to my mother now, is, “Succeed or fail, I spend more time smiling, than I do crying.”  My farm is named Thank You, because I am so grateful to God for my many blessings in the past.

Let’s see what the future brings.